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Fast, cost-efficient and secure clearance of research ethics applications


Infonetica’s leading position as the global provider of effective ethics management software is well established. Since its inception, over 1.82 million ethics applications have been successfully processed through organisations ranging from national/regional ethics systems to single institutions. And the solution they rely on is the latest version of Infonetica’s established software Ethics Review Manager (Ethics RM).

Infonetica’s Ethics RM solution streamlines the ethics process and delivers significant productivity gains, with the time from application to approval falling by an average of 29%. Better still, through the integrated management, control and communication capacity of Ethics RM you can significantly lower Ethics committee / Institutional Review Board (IRB) administration costs.

Infonetica’s ethics review software is widely used in leading organisations. It is the solution used in the UK’s national ethics clearance systems, IRAS, and has been adopted by regional government and institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. At the other end of the scale, this adaptable solution is bringing cost and productivity benefits to healthcare and research institutions with a single ethics committee / Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Ethics RM is the latest feature-rich version of Infonetica’s well established ethics management software previously known as RED (Research Database) and Online Forms. Building on 10 years of ethics software experience, Ethics RM is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is easy to install and deploy. It comes with a very flexible Form Builder that puts configuration of the form and review process entirely in the hands of the user. This vastly reduces implementation cost, time and risk.

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