Ethics RM | Benefits

Benefits of Ethics RM

  • Shortens the time from application to ethics approval
  • Saves administration time and cost
  • Provides a single online management system point for all research ethics clearance and management
  • Removes costly manual processes
  • Easy-to-use and flexible to meet precise organisation and workflow requirements
  • Quick to implement – be up and running in weeks!
  • Meets every budget and organisational need with cost-effective pricing

Designed specifically for Ethical Review Boards and Institutional Review Boards, it provides a central point for the electronic submission of ethics applications. Using fully customisable forms, committee management and a range of reporting functions, Ethics Review Manager completely and easily meets the specific requirements of any sized Review Board worldwide.

Easy for researchers to apply online
Researchers are keen to start their studies and welcome a straightforward online ethics application and approval system that is fast and convenient to use. The process all starts with the dynamic application form (which you define and then use) to take researchers logically through the online application process screen by screen. The application form changes in response to information provided, making it quick and easy to complete and submit. All supporting documentation can be appended electronically to the application removing the time and cost of manual intervention. At all stages of the process the researchers are kept fully informed of the application’s progress and responses of the Board.

Easy for Ethics Committee / Institutional Review Board members
Board members need to prepare efficiently and Ethics RM provides all they need. Because the ethics application is submitted online with supporting documentation, the Board member can easily make an assessment. Comments to other Board members, decisions and requests for further information can be recorded within the system and such inputs can be automatically be added to the application’s record providing a full audit trail. The speed of communication between all the stakeholders is critical in ensuring the speedy progress of applications.

Easy for board administrators
With Ethics RM, the days of photocopying applications/supporting documents and manually up-keeping of records are gone. Board administrators have full access to all the applications, board members comments and decisions. The integrated scheduling and alerting system ensures that deadlines are not missed and that you can stay on top of the process. As the administrator you will most likely be responsible for the system and a range of easy to use tools means this can be achieved with the minimum of time and training.

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