Ethics RM | Features

Features of Ethics RM

The sofware is designed to meet the specific requirements of Ethics Committees / Institutional Review Boards, Ethics RM provides you with the functionality to instantly create any number of forms and committees.

Customisable Forms
Create questions, define answer formats and provide help text. Build bespoke forms and define the underlying question logic to meet your specific needs.

Secure User Authentication and Audit
You decide who can create an account and their level of access to ensure a controlled and secure environment.

Online Review
Capture online committee member comments to create an auditable trail to support each decision.

User Management
Create any number of committees. Manage members, workloads, application allocation and review processes.

Save time with the full email integration for quick and easy communication to reviewers or applicants. Never miss a deadline with email notifications of tasks, reminders or updates to applications.

Full support included
Ethics RM users are fully supported:

  • Comprehensive user training.
  • Data migration from existing systems to Ethics RM.
  • Telephone support and online assistance reporting.
  • Complete data back-up procedures.
  • User group development meetings.

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