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Easy to use and web-based, ReDA Research Manager puts you in control of portfolio management and clinical trials. Now you can save admin time and cost, manage your research more effectively, and improve workflow with the market-leading ReDA Research Manager.

Flexible and cost-effective courses are provided on critical areas such as GCP, GMP, GDP and GPvP. Students develop their skills at their own pace and earn industry-recognised Clinical and Professional Development points. Over 21,000 students worldwide have benefited.

Infonetica’s market leading Ethics RM solution streamlines the ethics process and delivers significant productivity gains. Better still, through the integrated management, control and communication capacity you can significantly lower administration costs. Installed worldwide and proven in the market.

Tissue Auditor allows complete control over data and tissue samples in organisations that consist of multiple labs in geographically dispersed locations. Save time, money and meet all regulatory requirements with our proven and cost effective solution.

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