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Bringing clarity, time reduction and cost saving for successfully managing multiple research projects

Running and administering multiple research projects across a large organisation or research network requires considerable management to ensure research funds are spent wisely and the research successfully completed. That is why Infonetica’s ReDA Research Manager plays a critical role in leading hospitals, research organisations and national networks.

The secret of ReDA Research Manager’s success lies in the fact that all research is managed in one place with powerful reporting tools and in-built communications. What new applications have been received? Which projects are on time? How many patients have been recruited? What staff are engaged in research, and where? All these and thousands of other critical questions are easily answered with ReDA Research Manager.

Easy to use and web-based, ReDA Research Manager puts you in control of portfolio management and clinical trials, enabling them to fulfil their governance targets and to monitor research performance across their organisation or network.

Save admin time and cost, manage your research more effectively, and improve workflow with ReDA Research Manager