ReDA | Benefits

Reliable and flexible research management

ReDA Research Manager is packed with time-saving functionality. The solution is highly flexible and can be implemented in a matter of days to meet your specific requirements.

Integration with online forms

Where researchers are applying through one of Infonetica’s online form systems, R&D and SSI forms can be imported to allow rapid setup of the study within the research department.

Save time and money with no more printed documentation

All supporting documentation can be submitted electronically with the application form and such materials are easily stored for future access. 

Integrate ethics review information for a complete view

Readily import ethics review approvals and information to the relevant project.

Use our real time reporting for complete control

Always know the status of your research portfolio with the real time reporting in ReDA Research Manager. 

Easily communicate with all stakeholders

The onboard communications provide email recording and comes with associated Email list management – make sure all stakeholders are informed of developments.

Simply customise ReDA Research Manager to meet your precise requirements

You can readily create custom fields to capture information specific to your individual needs.

Permit access for all users whatever their location

Having users distributed across many locations is not a problem for ReDA Research Manager which includes secure remote site read and read/write access.