ReDA | CaseStudy

Improving workflow and streamlining admin benefits Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The Problem

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust were using a proprietary software solution for their research management and governance. However, it did not provide the features and functionality they needed in terms of activity and recruitment reporting. This meant a good deal of data had to maintained in spreadsheets which impacted negatively on admin staff and processes.

The Solution

On 1 February 2012 Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust merged with mental health and learning disability services from NHS North Yorkshire and York to form Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation trust. North and East Yorkshire NHS R&D Alliance was already a user of ReDA Research Manager and after assessment of competing technologies, ReDA Research Manager became the preferred research management solution for the Trust.

The Outcome

ReDA Research Manager plays a critical role in key areas such as NHS Permissions, recruitment data and reporting. The on board and customisable communications allow the admin team to quickly despatch reminders, approvals and information to the research team, while access to the archive allows rapid recall of previous research programmes. ReDA Research Manager has streamlined the research admin function, ensured key data can be quickly found, target dates met and stakeholders informed. The greater insight to the organisation’s research programmes is critical to management for planning and development.