ReDA | Features

Meet the challenges of online forms integration

The introduction of online R&D application forms presents a data management challenge. This challenge is met by ReDA Research Manager which is able to integrate information seamlessly into its database by providing both a data extraction tool and form archiving functionality.

Responding to the changing demands of Research Governance
The R&D management process is becoming even more complex with the increased demands of Research Governance together with project monitoring requirements. ReDA Research Manager tracks the progress of the project providing a data trail for auditing, recalling the data amended, who made the amendment and when the changes were made.

Rely on our secure web-based flexibility
ReDA Research Manager is hosted in a secure UK-based facility and can be accessed from any terminal with a mainstream web browser - avoiding the need to install specialist applications on dedicated machines. The administrator can define tiered levels of usage allowing multiple sites such as consortia, or collaborators to have access to their project information.

Benefit from our full support package
ReDA Research Manager users are fully supported:

  • Comprehensive user training.
  • Data migration from existing systems into ReDA Research Manager.
  • Telephone support and online assistance reporting.
  • Complete data back-up procedures.
  • User group development meetings.