ReDA | Technical

ReDA Technical Specification

Accessing ReDA
To use ReDA a client will need access to any web browser and an internet connection. ReDA has been designed to work on both old and new browsers to handle the differing levels of IT within customer organisations. User accounts are created on the system by the administrator of that system. Users may change their own details/password at will. An administrator may change details and passwords of any user on the system.

All data transferred between the client PC and the Infonetica server is encrypted using SSL. The ReDA software is hosted in a secure data centre. System protection is provided through a combination of physical security at the data centre, network security via firewalls, and security measures within the application itself. Backend access, to either the database or the file system, is only available to authorized Infonetica employees.

Data storage and backups
Full data back-up and disaster recovery procedures are in place to ensure the safety, security and operation of the system. Data is kept indefinitely until a client requests its removal.

Uptime expectation
ReDA has a proven record of having a 99.9% uptime over the last 8 years during Standard Working Hours on Working Days.

Service levels
Infonetica offers a full Customer Support service to all clients. The Support Team is available via telephone and e-mail to log any problems with the service. The service desk is available during office hours (09:00 – 17:00), Monday to Friday.

ReDA is an N-tier architecture system. Infonetica is a Microsoft Gold Partner giving it access to the latest Microsoft technologies to build applications. ReDA has been built using the latest .NET and SQL Server versions.