Tissue Auditor | Features

Features of Tissue Auditor

Modern and easy to use interface

Tile-based navigation and summary screens give you all the information you need at a glance…

Timeline gives you up-to-date information on any sample…

Full compliance with the Human Tissue Act

Record and report on information required by the HTA as well as other standards and guidelines.


View all connections associated with a sample - parent samples, derivatives, patients, projects etc.

Barcode/RFID compatible

Instantly access sample details using your existing equipment to read and create 1d and 2d barcodes. Tissue Auditor can generate barcodes of any shape and size with or without user-readable annotation.

Flexible and user-configurable

Configure the system exactly as you need, to capture the all information you require.

Easy document storage

Reduce the burden of storing and finding paper documents.


Tissue Auditor has been used by a variety of Tissue Banks in hospitals, universities and commercial organisations over the last 8 years.