Whitehall Training | Features & Benefits

Reasons to choose our courses

Over 9,500 companies already use our online courses
Our tried and trusted courses have been used to train over 21,000 of the world’s pharmaceutical researchers in more than 40 countries.

Certified and Accredited
On successful completion of a course, all learners receive a certificate and are awarded CPD points. All of our courses are fully accredited.

Fast and easy-to-use
Get yourself and your staff compliant quickly by learning online, when and where it suits you, through these easy-to-use online courses.

Realistic and affordable pricing makes your budget go further. Multiple-license deals make the prices even keener.

We can adapt our courses to suit your specific needs. If we don’t already offer a course in the language you need or if you need a solution that will work with your Learning Management Protocols – let us know. We can develop bespoke solutions to meet your deadlines, and even host your own courses for you, at a price you can afford.

Up to date
Our experts regularly update each course to ensure they follow the most recent developments in the ever-changing regulatory and technical landscape. New courses on related areas of compliance are regularly added.

Our back-end administration system allows you to manage multiple licenses with ease and greater efficiency. It also provides useful reporting tools that not only show how well your learners are performing, but also can identify gaps in their knowledge to help you plan future training.

We only use authors who are recognised experts in their fields. Our courses are all written by leading industry experts within the specific course area of the pharmaceutical industry.

If you need researchers in several countries trained to the same standard, we can help. Our courses are based around the key compliance needs of the modern international pharmaceutical industry. We also offer country-specific versions for several key markets to reflect their individual regulatory frameworks.