How Will The UK Cope With An Ageing Population?

The UK has an ageing population. Are we making appropriate provisions for a health care system that some say is starting to creak?

Infonetica recently conducted a survey that addressed thoughts, feelings and concerns about elderly care. It uncovered statistics that point towards a need to open up the conversation, both publicly and privately, and with over 90% of us not regularly taking the time to talk about the care we’d like to receive with our family and friends, perhaps it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Globally, the average life expectancy is 78, which is an average rise of 7 years since 1990. With life expectancy increasing (in the UK it currently sits at 81), and population numbers on the rise, are there health care issues that need to be addressed?

With almost 85% of people worrying about the care they will receive in later life, it suggests people are concerned about how the NHS is going to provide care that’s ‘free at the point of delivery’ to an ever-growing population. This is especially the case as our survey revealed that a staggering 94% of people believe they will struggle to pay for elderly care, should they need it.

As we live increasingly distant lives, geographically, from our families, and with most people no longer sharing a household with older generations, it’s becoming more and more difficult to provide care for elderly relatives. With these concerns threatening to become the issues of the future, is it time we started looking for possible solutions to these problems.

We all hope the health service will be able to weather the storm. Perhaps the question should be, given the ageing poipulation, is enough being done to ensure that NHS care, not only survives but thrives, in the years to come. After all, if we are living longer, isn’t it increasingly important that we have the healthcare facilities available to deal with the increasing demand?

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28th August

Sophie Griffith

Sophie Griffith

After joining us as a graduate Sophie now runs our digital marketing campaigns. Sophie also manages the Infonetica blog, selecting content and keeping an eye on current affairs. She enjoys keeping active and loves a game of badminton.